Contract Law

Paragraph 1, Article 6.154 of the CC defines a contract as “an agreement of two or more persons to establish, modify or extinguish civil legal relationships by which one or several persons obligate themselves to one or several other persons to perform certain actions (or to refrain from performing certain actions) while the latter persons obtain the right of claim,”
ŽVR Law Firm draws up company protection contracts, contract modification or termination documents, performs contract review, and advises on contract execution issues.
The most common contracts by needs:

  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Shareholders' agreements;
  • Purchase and sale agreements;
  • Paid service contracts;
  • Joint venture, partnership agreements;
  • Cooperation agreements;
  • Exchange contracts;
  • Lease contracts;
  • Finance lease contracts;
  • Leasing contracts;
  • Service contracts;
  • Cargo transportation contracts;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Surety, guarantee contracts;
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Copyright agreements;
  • Consulting agreements.

Legal assistance is particularly advisable when awarding exchange, loan, gift, lease or leasing agreements. In litigation, lawyers perform a contract review, advise on relevant legal issues. Properly made agreements serve as a preventive measure for possible disputes in the future.