Labour Law

Labour law regulates employer-employee relations, defines their rights and duties, and establishes the legal status. Labour laws and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania apply to employment relations within the Republic of Lithuania, regardless of whether an employee is working in Lithuania or abroad by an employer’s order.
Labour law covers the following areas:

  • Employment relations;
  • Hours of labour and rest;
  • Remuneration;
  • Warranties and compensations;
  • Illegal work;
  • Social partnership.

The definition of employees’ rights, protection in disputes and conflict situations with an employer requires legal assistance. ŽVR Law Firm provides the following legal services:

  • Employment contracts, drafting and termination of them;
  • Wages and salaries;
  • An employee’s material liability;
  • Dismissal;
  • Severance benefits;
  • Downtime.

Only a qualified legal assistance ensures equality of each client in relations with their employer, capability to defend their rights and interests in state and public institutions, a duly representation in court in cases an employee suspects to have been illegitimaly dismissed or a disciplinary penalty was wrongly imposed to him/her, as well as when consulting and documenting labour relations regulations.