Corporate and Commercial Law

Legal services provided by ŽVR Law Firm: establishment or companies, corporate mergers and acquisitions, insurance law, legal assistance to investors, and insurance law.

Establishment of Companies

In preparation for setting up a business, there arise many questions: what form of business to choose; is it better to run business under the individual activity; is the foundation of a legal entity necessary; whether the size of an authorized capital has been established for an incorporator of a legal entity; what the establishing procedures are like?... Legal professionals of ŽVR Law Firm are always ready to give a competent advice on the most appropriate legal form of a company and to provide legal assistance from the business start-up to its development (increase or decrease in the authorized capital).
Establishment of a company covers the following key legal aspects:

  • Choosing a legal form;
  • Company foundation documents;
  • Company incorporation;
  • Company name and trademark registration;
  • Labour law;
  • Finance law;
  • Legal assistance in business management;
  • Debt and injury prevention.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions include the preparation of necessary documents and legal advice as far as related to the purchase of a business, privatization, acquisition and transfer of corporate shares, cross-frontier mergers, restructuring, reorganization, or other similar legal issues.

The following legal services are relating to corporate mergers and acquisitions:

  • Advice on business purchase or sale transactions;
  • Obtaining permits to make or execute transactions;
  • Merger and acquisition documentation drawing up (shares or company sale and purchase agreements);
  • Representation of clients in negotiations;
  • Legal assistance in business restructuring, acquisition, and other transactions;
  • Representation in solving the disputes arising.