Labour Law

Labour relations law is regulated by the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Labour law regulates employer-employee relations, defines their rights and duties, and establishes the legal status. Labour laws and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania apply to employment relations within the Republic of Lithuania, regardless of whether an employee is working in Lithuania or abroad by an employer’s order.

Labour laws services provided by ŽVR Law Firm:

  • Drawing of employment contracts;
  • Termination of employment contracts;
  • Rules of Procedure, job descriptions, administrative and managerial work regulations;
  • Dismissal, disciplinary penalties, remuneration, compensation payout, an employee’s and employer's responsibilities;
  • Advice on legal issues of working hours, rest periods and missions;
  • Employment and collective contract execution;
  • Material liability contracts;
  • Client representation in labour disputes;
  • Employment of foreign nationals;
  • Other labour law-related services.